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You want to host a successful multilingual event.
Use my expertise in advising you on all matters related to interpreting.


Interpreters make a considerable contribution to the success of your event and ensure they are well prepared. This is why we need your input in the form of detailed information, including manuscripts, annual reports, or speakers' CVs to get familiar with all the facts. Interpreters are bound to observe confidentiality; so it goes without saying that all documents and information made available will not be disclosed to any third party.


Depending on the kind of event you will host, different modes of interpreting may be needed:



The interpreter translates the speaker simultaneously from a sound-proof booth. The listeners use headphones to listen to the translation.
Simultaneous interpreting is the preferred mode for presentations, interviews, discussions or press conferences.



The interpreter uses a specific note-taking technique to render a time-shifted translation of the speaker's original words.

Consecutive interpreting is used for after-dinner speeches or brief addresses at official ceremonies. Please note that the translated version will normally be as long as the original speech.